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Combining Scotch Whisky and the colours and heritage of Tartan for the personal touch

The logical iconic partners of Scotch Whisky and historical tartan are merged to present our Slainte and Ceilidh Scotch Whiskies.





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Scotch Whisky or Uisge - Beatha (Gaelic for Water of Life ).


Slainte - our Highland Single Malt Whisky. A Gaelic word meaning " Cheers , Good Health to You orTo Life". Pronounced " Slanj ".

Ceilidh - our  Blended Scotch Whisky. A Gaelic word meaning a "Scottish gathering for folk music, traditional dancing, drinking and storytelling ".  Pronounced " kay-lee "

Scotch whisky was first recorded in the Exchequer Rolls of Scotland in 1494. Friar John Cor, a monk from Linderes Abbey, Newburg in Fife was the distiller.

Written in his Treasury Accounts in 1506, James IV asked for Aqua Vite (Water of Life ) while staying in Inverness. 


In 1690, the earliest reference to a distillery, the Fernintosh Distillery, owned by Duncan Fraser of Culloden was made in the Acts of the Scottish Parliament.


Since then, it is evident that over the centuries Scotch Whisky has evolved until it is possibly the World’s most renowned spirit product. Scotch Whisky has become a world-beating masterpiece. Many excellent brands of Malt and Blended whisky exist and flourish on the world’s market. It is most certainly Scotland’s most celebrated export.

Scotch Whisky is perfect - it is at the pinnacle of perfection.


Our Single Malt or Blended Scotch Whisky is no different. They are superb examples of Scotch Whisky. However, you now have the opportunity to make your Scotch Whisky more personal by combining Scotch Whisky with a choice of Tartans. These specially chosen Tartans reflect Scottish's cultural and  historical society in general. From Clan and Family names, Cities in Scotland and around the world and even countries who may be represented by their own tartan and have a Tartan linkage to Scotland.  


So - Scotch Whisky and Tartan - two iconic Scottish products combined to provide the Consumer with a unique and highly personal bottle of Uisge - Beatha


In reality, we cannot improve on Scotch Whisky, but we can make excellent Scotch Whisky more personal to you through the history and colours of Tartan.

Blended Scotch Whisky is made out of 3 simple quality components - pure Scottish water, yeast and barley with various grains. Malt whisky is made with pure Scottish water, yeast and only Barley.

A wonderful, compex spirit emerges, so let us all honour Scotland’s whisky culture, history and heritage.