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Our Highlands Single Malt Whisky. 


Fine, traditional Highland flavours: Fruit Cake, Malt, Oak, Heather, Dried Fruit and Barley. Ideal for indulgent sipping.


The Highlands is Scotland's largest whisky producing area, covering to the north of Glasgow, Perth, Invergordon and all the way to Thurso in the far North, not to mention the east and west regions excluding Speyside. Slainte is ideal for indulgent sipping.




Our Blended Whisky.

Typically lighter, multi-layered and a clean taste on the palate with a medium dry finish. Our Blended Whisky is a classic “marriage“ of one or more Single Malts and one or more Single Grains. Our Master Blender takes great pride in the development of Ceilidh to ensure your satisfaction through the selection of various complex whiskies.

Whisky glass
Glass of gin

Available 2019


With Juniper in the Gin, we decided to take a fresh approach and perhaps persuade the Consumer to take a more inspired approach and discovery on which Gin to choose



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