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Just when you think that all possible gin options have been created by gin producers, along comes an exciting, new and different approach to gin appreciation.

No “ fairy dust “ botanicals here – just natural, organic Valencian orange zest infused in the bottle.

No artificial flavouring here !

The twists of the thin spirals of orange zest in the bottle create a perfect visual effect that supports the ethos of a naturally infused gin with Valencian orange zest.

Infusgin gin has a golden hue from the Valencian orange zest and upon opening the bottle, a wave of orange aroma hits your senses. Close your eyes – you could be transported to a Mediterranean orange grove !

A classic British juniper- lead gin that is complimented with 8 other specially selected botanicals.

For a wonderful refreshing G&T= simply add ice with your desired level of good tonic water.

Add a little unwaxed orange zest and a small cinnamon stick for that special occasion. Cheers !

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